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Welcome to Sunrise Ayurveda Spa & Tours Sri lanka, where we offer authentic Ayurveda & traditional Asian spa rituals at high level. With this fast moving world its very easy to forget your wellbeing, sometime to think about our lives or be mind fullness about what is happening around us. We all need a moment in our lives where we need a small break to discover ourself again. Inspired by the teaching of Lord Buddha and age old traditions of Ayurveda at Sunrise Ayurveda Spa offers everyone a chance to Rejuvenate - Relax - Detox by awakening senses using theraputic massages and medicine. May you be blessed with Health, Beauty & Peace !.

Sunrise Tour Sri Lanka with our tailor-made packages which let you experience the island's rich cultural & natural heritage as well as a range of adventurous activities. Guided by Mr.Nalin day tours and excurions to around in Sri Lanka.


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Ayurveda Massage

Аюрведический массаж


Full Body Massage

Массаж всего тела


Head Massage

Массаж головы


Foot Massage

Массаж ног


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